Wave Rock
HYDEN, Western Australia

Situated just a short walk from Wave Rock, the Wildflower Shoppe incorporates the Wave Rock Visitor Centre, Cafe and Country Kitchen, Wildlife Park, Wildflower and Souvenir Shoppe, Lace Place, and Tours and Airport Booking Office.


The fittings and fixtures of the Wildflower Shoppe are built from natural bush timbers. On display in the Centre are vintage cars, a dray, and old stoves used by our early pioneers. Together with a granite fireplace with a huge kettle flue, they create a warm inviting atmosphere.

The butterflies and displays of dried wildflowers in the ceiling were designed by Denis and Sheenagh Collins, and were an idea inspired by a lack of available funds to purchase lining for the building, combined with a desire to create a more interesting view for those enjoying their lunch. These spectacular works of art each took many hours to complete.  This exhibit of Western Australian wildflowers extends the full length of the ceiling, and includes a range of wildflowers native to the Wave Rock region.

The Centre has a wide range of Australiana souvenirs for sale, including emu, tea tree and lanolin oils, iron ore jewellery, wool products, clothing and film.

Country Kitchen

Where possible, local produce is used in the preparation of the food available from our Country Kitchen. These include Wave Rock beef, locally made bread and cakes, and most other foods prepared on the premises for your enjoyment. Devonshire Teas (Granny’s recipe) and brewed coffee are a feature of the restaurant.

The Country Kitchen caters for coach groups, individual bookings and private functions (special rates are available). Special dietary requirements can be catered for on request.

Our airconditioned lunch area can accommodate up to 200 people, and the decking al fresco area overlooks a natural billabong, where swans and other birdlife can be observed while you are enjoying your meal.

Wildlife Park

Walk through the Visitor Centre to this beautiful haven for birds and animals. All exhibits are kept in their natural bush
surroundings. See the Wildlife Park brochure for more details on this natural Bush Experience.

The Lace Place

Housed in beautiful hand-crafted jarrah cabinets, this large collection of antique lace dates back to the 1600s. Laces on
display include both hand and machine made lace, Honiton, Brussels and Maltese lace, a piece of tulle from an offcut of Princess Diana’s wedding veil, and much more.

The Lace Place also houses a Gramophone Collection - a prized collection of antique music machines from bygone eras; a Wedding Dress Collection - dating from the early 1900s to the present day; and includes a fashion award winning exhibit by a local designer.



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